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Wednesday, 02 December 2009
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Thursday, 29 October 2009

It was Ustadh Abdurahman Gutu who introduced me to the religious precepts of Shaikh Abdullahi Al-habashi some years ago. I believe that Abdurahman Gutu was one of the earliest and , perhaps, the most passionate advocates of Shaikh Abdullah Al-Harari and his Islamic teachings in Harar. He distributed magazines, booklets and books published by the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects based in Beirut , Lebanon . Even though my critics on and resistance to accept some of the Islamic practises and teachings of his "Gemeyaa" irritated him, he kept me as good friend and supplied me with so many Islamic materials that he thought would be good for my spiritual development. In my recent visit he supplied me with 16GB electronic Islamic materials that i have yet to read and digest.
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Friday, 23 October 2009

By Salah Khairo
I pushed through the crowds of people who were selling and buying vegetables and fruits on the ground; and reached out to the store owned and operated by Ezer Ali Khairo. When I arrived he was sitting on an old chair next to an old desk, on which piles of files lying against the wall, while monitoring the street. Behind him were stocks of Dates collected through private donations ready for distribution to the poorst of the poor Hararis in the Holy month of Ramadan. To his left were a couple of old chairs made available for instant visitors like myself.

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HSCF Articles
Saturday, 17 October 2009
By Salah Khairo Contin.....

The other edge of this by pass street ends just next to the most famous gate of Harar, Assma DinBeri, on which the phrases “Babul Nasri’ and “Sannah” are written in Arabic, and the bustling marketing centre, Assma DinBeri Megalla. They are busy, noisy and crowded marketing places in Harar where people residing in the city and near by towns would come and exchange goods and services. I believe that millions of Birrs are changing hands everyday in rather small but crowded shops and stores retailing primary and manufactured commodities including consumer items, contraband goods, furniture and office supplies, etc.
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Friday, 09 October 2009

For click here Part I

By Salah Khairo Contin.....
The power dynamics, which is exhibited in the surrounding areas of the office of Awe Basha Birign are quiet interesting to examine. The office and residence of Awe Haji Birign lie about 50 -60 strides south but to the left side of the main street called “Andegna Meged” from Duke Berr.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2009
By Salah Khairo:

The Holy month of Ramadan is now over. May Allah accept the our fasting, prayers and meditations and bless us to reach for the next one.

Recently I have had a chance to visit my beloved city of Harar for a period of six weeks (24 July – 5 Oct. 2009). Harar is pleasant; and more so is during the blessed month of Ramadan in which Hararis welcome the month by cleaning up and decorating their houses, preparating food and lifting their Islamic sprits through prayers, meditations charitable deeds and attending Islamic lectures from the honourable Shaikh Ahmed Abdulahi.